Professional Tease Samantha Alexandra

A clip starring Samantha Alexandra

Samantha Alexandra in Professional Tease Samantha Alexandra

In this clip: legs, feet, sleeping/limp, dirty talk, tease, nylon/stockings, playful/giggling, blonde, big tits, tits, sexy/provocative, striptease, stripping, sensual, flashing

Samantha’s had a client. He had some money but a boring wife. The arrangement was that she would dress sexily for him in different ways. They would meet at his flat secretly and she would put on a sexy tease show for him. It was always the same. She teased and got him really turned on. He usually wanted to play with her, but she never allowed it. Look, but don’t touch. Then pay. Today she turned up in sexy clothes with no panties or bra. As usual he was nice and offered her a cup of tea. She drank it and started her show for him. Her top was easy access so she could tease him with her tits. Her skirt was short. She gave him flashes of her pussy as she teased him with her heels and stockings. He watched as she brought her legs close to him, dangling her heels, letting him sniff her feet in the stockings. She flashed her tits, opening up her top, giving him up blouse and full views. She pulled up her skirt and flashed her pussy, letting him see for brief moments. As usual he wanted to touch her body, but she did not allow it. She started to feel sleepy. She sat and soon was fast asleep. The guy now could play with her, finally. He played with her limp body, rag dolling her. He then removed her clothes until she was fully naked.