Relaxing Her Prudish Step Daughter

A clip starring Faye Taylor

Faye Taylor in Relaxing Her Prudish Step Daughter

In this clip: feet, toes, embarrassment, mature/older, young, family affairs, brunette, big tits, foot worship, tits, stripping, sensual, ENF, flashing, naive

Faye is is sitting on bed, relaxing. She is sipping some wine. She heard her prudish step daughter Alicia come in. Before she entered the bedroom, Faye quickly posed her self, opening her legs to show off her pussy and tits. Alicia came in and saw Faye on the bed. She was surprised to find her step mother on her bedroom, on her bed. She was even more embarrassed to see her young step mom like this! Faye told Alicia to relax and not be so prudish. She should be proud of her womanly curves. She told Alicia to strip and release herself. Alicia relaxed a little. She took off her glasses and kicked off her shoes. She nervously started to strip. She removed her clothes until she was in pantyhose, panties and bra. Faye told Alicia that she loved her body. Alicia relaxed some more and started to pose for Faye. She showed off her natural curves, tits and belly, playing with her belly button. Faye asked Alicia to take off her pantyhose and bra. Alicia slipped them off, but did not stop. She pulled off her panties as-well so she was now totally naked. Covering her pussy with hand, she started to tease Faye with her body. Faye told Alicia to come on the bed and relax. Alicia moved to the bed. Faye played with Alicia’s body as Alicia sat frozen. Faye encouraged Alicia to lay back as she moved down to her feet and started to worship her feet. Alicia lay frozen for a while, then began to relax and enjoy the attention being paid to her feet. After while, Faye stopped and moved up next to Alicia. They smiled at each other as Faye moved forward towards Alicia.