Mature Psychiatrist's Bondage Dreams - Lolani

A clip starring Lolani

Lolani in Mature Psychiatrist's Bondage Dreams - Lolani

In this clip: feet, bondage, surreal, willing, mature/older, secretary/business, brunette, foot worship, hogtie, passive/submissive, sensual

Mature psychiatrist Lolani is having a discussion with a patient who seems to be into bondage and foot fetish. He enjoys worshipping women'sĀ feet while they are gagged and tied up in bondage. The man sounds shy and he seems to be worried that his problem is serious. But Lolani isn't listening to him much, she's rather fantasizing about being in that position... In a kind of vision we see her tied up and gagged, on her knees while the guy worships her feet, and she seems to enjoy it... And then we see her laying face down on a table, tied up and gagged, as the camera captures stellar closeups of her mature but soft and incredibly shaped arches, while the creep keeps worshipping them... In the end, she gets called back to reality by the patient, who is getting worried about her state.