Sophia Foot Fetish Therapist

A clip starring Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee in Sophia Foot Fetish Therapist

In this clip: hands, feet, trance/hypnosis, secretary/business, mental domination, POV, domination, blonde, dominant/leading

Dr. Sophia has a new patient (all POV). He thinks he is there to reduce drinking. But, his wife sent him to the therapist as he has been caught by her so many times fantasizing about women's heels and stockinged and bare feet at work. Dr. Sophia puts him under hypnosis.She tells him that her technique to solve his problem is to make him so satisfied with heels, stockinged and bare feet that his desire will go away. She then tells him to focus on her heels and starts to give him a shoe dangling show, entrancing him with her heels. She then takes her shoes off and puts her stockinged feet in his face, so close, filling up his view with her toes and soles. She then removes her stockings and works her bare feet for him. After she thinks that he has had enough, she brings the patient out of his trance she tells him that he will not remember anything and will not have urges for heels and stockinged feet