Preparing Roastee Atlanta For an Epic Meal

A clip starring Liz Rainbow, Atlanta Moreno

Liz Rainbow, Atlanta Moreno in Preparing Roastee Atlanta For an Epic Meal

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, feet, bondage, vore, surreal, willing, kissing, groping, domination, blonde, redhead, rejection, tits, stretching, lesbian, passive/submissive, contortion/flexibility, spreads, naive, details/closeups

This is one of these videos which leave the mark, therefore it is offered in Full HD resolution.

Roastee Atlanta Moreno is wheeled into the preparation room, on a bed of vegetables. My assistant Liz Rainbow is going to do the preparation as I direct her POV; Atlanta is very excited about being a roast, and she is aiming to be the perfect roast although I occasionally sound a bit off putting and not very much of a gentleman.
In the meantime, Liz proceeds to oil her breasts, legs and butt up, spreading the oil with her hands and kissing her on the lips, just to help her relax, but I void all her work by handing her a rope with which Atlanta's legs have to be tied up behind her head for presentation.
That's a very snappy position and no one want to be restrained, so Atlanta restarts to get nervous again as Liz does her best to push her legs behind her head and secure these with rope.
Once that is somehow done, I pass Liz a carrot and order her to proceed with the insertion: naive Atlanta gets now quite upset and bratty, as she didn't know that and wasn't prepared for it. However, there is nothing she can do so I order Liz to silence her by stuffing an apple into her mouth, and the carrot is mercilessly inserted in Atlanta's pussy, and she is quickly wheeled out as she protests.

Great smokey pans follow, as the tray is spinned in the main kitchen displaying roastee Atlanta in all her glory.