Laura Smith Dolcett Roast Betrayal Triggers Male Rage

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Dolcett Roast Betrayal Triggers Male Rage

In this clip: vore, surreal, night/deshabille, POV, brunette, rejection, submission/slavery, naive

Laura's partner has big plans: after two years of relationship with her, she is nearly ready for the big day when she becomes his perfect roast. He has been looking after her, her diet and everything else and things are getting there. Maybe just one week more and then it's time.

However, Laura has something to tell him: she has been offered to be a roast for Nonna Marta, the best and poshest restaurant in town, and it's something she really shouldn't refuse. After all, he always said she is the best roast!
Her partner is devastated, he feels betrayed. They have an argument and in the end, like most men, he solves things his way: you are mine, you won't leave me. So he gags her by stuffing an apple into her mouth, and the scene fades out showing Laura's terrified eyes.

As for the last few minutes, we see Laura tied to the tray, submissive, being wheeled to the oven. Final pans of her posing as a roast follow.