Laura Smith Dolcett Roast After Massage

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Dolcett Roast After Massage

In this clip: neck, genitals, ass, legs, feet, vore, groping, massage, brunette, tits, naive

This video is rather long and static, as it's not good to move the cameras often when you have oily hands, and it's cruel to make it short when the model is actually enjoying the massage

Laura visits a masseur for a massage session. The guy is famous for his unusual and experimental techniques, so she's somehow prepared for it. However, as he performs a long massage, spreading the oil on her skin using his bare hands, the situation takes an unexpected turn when he starts sprading oregano all over her back. Soon the massage bed gets surrounded with greens and carrots, and the guy begins using one of the carrots to massage her soles and calves. After that, the carrot is inserted into her pussy.
An apple in her mouth follows, and the masseur leaves Laura very confused as he goes into the other room to check the 'sauna' is hot enough...