Honour May's Juicy Dolcett Rump

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May's Juicy Dolcett Rump

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, vore, willing, licking, groping, playful/giggling, horny

Honour comes home after jogging, in her tight gym shorts. Her partner welcomes her and appreciates the perfect shape of her bum and thighs. Honour is very stressed and annoyed as she needs to prepare dinner and it's late: they're having a fat bitch named Susan, Honour doesn't like her at all. The guy has an idea: would she like to avoid all this and also humiliate Susan? If she agrees to be the main course, she will be cooked instead of having to cook, she won't see Susan and also her perfect juicy rump will be on the table, making Susan feel fat and not wanted. Deal! We see Honour having her ass oiled up on the preparation table on a bed of greens. When her ass and pussy is all covered in shiny olive oil, her rump gets groped, licked and fingered until she cums to produce the necessary juices, then a tiny aubergine is stuffed into her pussy, an apple into her mouth and everything is ready for dinner!