Dolcett Roast Chloe Toy and The Huge Carrot

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith

Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith in Dolcett Roast Chloe Toy and The Huge Carrot

In this clip: genitals, ass, feet, vore, willing, young, massage, blonde, brunette, dildos/objects, naive

Sophia Smith is at home, preparing Chloe Toy for roasting. She's well excited and starts to talk with Chloe, who's also curious about the process, as Sophia oils up her ass, back and soles. At some point Sophia decides to stuff Chloe, using a carrot. Unfortunately, that is the biggest carrots ever grown on the planet, and Chloe is a bit worried about the insertion. However, she has no choice as, despite the friendly discussion, she has to submit to the chef's will. So Chloe starts to force the huge carrot into her pussy, but it hurts and it doesn't get in. Sophia will stuff an apple into Chloe's mouth, telling her to clamp it with her teeth in order to relieve the painful moment of insertion, which is achieved more by pushing the carrot between her heels and pussy. Insertion is achieved, despite the carrot is so big that a good portion of it remains out. Pans on Chloe posing as a roast follow.