Her Slave As A Dolcett Roast

A clip starring Electric, Rascal

Electric, Rascal in Her Slave As A Dolcett Roast

In this clip: ass, legs, toes, bondage, vore, surreal, willing, eating, licking, wet, playful/giggling, lesbian, dildos/objects, bikini/beachwear

Electric learns from her mistress Rascal that she's going to be roasted, as rascal plans to get a new slave and needs a main course for a party later that day. Electric gladly submits to it, lays down on the kitchen board where she gets tied up in a hogtie position and all oiled up with a brush. Using the brush, Rascal decides to give her slave a bit of pleasure, which Electric appreciates. Before getting into the oven, she gets her back and butts all covered in pineapple and herbs, and the apple in mouth as a final touch. The video ends with pans of Electric posed on a bed of vegetables, exposed as a roast.