Glass Olive Oiled Up, Fingered And Pussy Licked

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Glass Olive Oiled Up, Fingered And Pussy Licked

In this clip: genitals, legs, feet, vore, surreal, eating, masturbation, licking, groping, pony, massage, wet, horny, brunette, tits, passive/submissive, naive, moaning

A guy walks his pony slave in for a food themed day. She is obedient like a pet, but very much willing and looking forward to play food. After grabbing and groping her flesh and muscles to appreciate her prime quality, he has her laying down on the kitchen table, on a steel tray, completely naked. He starts to oil her up with a brush, and, despite she must stay docile and in place, she gets visibly aroused and tries to hide it. At some point the guy goes on her pussy and starts brushing it, causing her to get more excited; he mentions a secret he learned from her grandma, which explains how to get the best out of a pussy: she has to produce and release juices, which basically means she has to get very wet and orgasm. So, at that point, the situation turns hot with the guy brushing, fingering, eating/licking her pussy, until Olive builds up to a great natural orgasm. The clip ends with camera pans of Olive posing on the tray like a roast, all oiled up, surrounded by vegetables, an apple in her mouth.