Breaking Up With her Girlfriend, the Dolcett Way

A clip starring AltSiren, Chloe Toy

AltSiren, Chloe Toy in Breaking Up With her Girlfriend, the Dolcett Way

In this clip: genitals, ass, vore, surreal, silly, playful/giggling, blonde

Chloe Toy's girlfriend wants to break up, and decides to do it in a very unusual way: she tricks Chloe Toy on the steel table, already covered in vegetables, and asks her to get a roast chicken pose. She starts brushing her whole body with oil, but keeps reassuring her that it's just a sexy game. The two keep talking in a very relaxed way as the evil girlfriend makes sure all her body is covered in shiny oil, and a carrot is inserted into her vagina. Only in the end she whispers her that she has a new girlfriend... Chloe Toy starts protesting, but she gets the apple in her mouth to shut her up. Before she can react, she becomes the official roast for the party to celebrate the new engagement!