Not a Cooking Program, Not a Ransom Video

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Not a Cooking Program, Not a Ransom Video

In this clip: bondage, vore, surreal, desperation, brunette, rejection, annoyed, dominant/leading

Sophia Smith is about to get in the shower when she gets assaulted, tied up, gagged and carried away. Once in the bad guy's hideout, everything makes Sophia think he's just setting up a ransom video to get some money out of her, She is very annoyed and bratty, keeps resisting a lot. Things start to get strange when he wears a chef's coat, and begins streaming a video which sounds more like a story for his followers than a ransom video... She doesn't really get what he means when he says that he's going to improvise a raw cooking, and things get even stranger when he puts vegetable on a big tray... She starts to believe it's a candid, or one of these chef programs, and her attitude turns from bratty rejection to almost mocking him. Soon she is kneeling on the tray, and when he begins tying her up, quickly and brutally, pinning her down on the tray, she starts to realize things are getting bad for her, and gets very scared, bit it's too late...