Beginner Model Dodged Into Dolcett Shoot

A clip starring Lilly Scabette

Lilly Scabette in Beginner Model Dodged Into Dolcett Shoot

In this clip: vore, willing, embarrassment, mental domination, brunette, tits, stripping, naive

A newbie model accepts a shoot from an unreferenced photographer who claims to be a good one. She is surprised from the start, when they get into the studio but she doesn't see any backdrops, flashes etc. He tries to persuade her that it's boring stuff which wouldn't benefit her, as they need to build up her portfolio with something more original and edgy. He is going to start her career up. Confused, the model ends up believing him; they agreed to have a normal shoot at fully clothed levels and nothing kinky, but he is very good at driving everything into whatever he wants, and the naive model soon finds herself on a tray, naked, oiled up, surrounded by vegetables. Her wrists tied up, and an apple muffling her mouth. The photographer isn't even taking the camera: he is operating the oven knobs instead...