Business Woman Honour May Preyed Into Dolcett Roast

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Business Woman Honour May Preyed Into Dolcett Roast

In this clip: genitals, ass, feet, bondage, peril, trance/hypnosis, vore, willing, desperation, groping, secretary/business, denial, rejection

Business woman Honour comes home from a business trip; she's on the phone with a friend and doesn't know that a burglar has been in for days, waiting for her, and is now watching her. Unfortunately Honour says that she's going to have a weekend to herself, nobody is going to visit her and they shouldn't worry if she doesn't answer the phone, she is likely to sleep a lot. The burglar loves it. As soon as Honour closes the call, the guy pops out behind her, assaulting her and tying her arms behind her back with rope. Scared but also determined, Honour fights back and shows disappointment towards him, especially when the guy begins groping her and feeling her flesh on the thighs, butts, breasts and genitals. She is still very angry and rejecting at this point. She starts to realize she is in a bad mess when the guy takes his hood off and she sees his face: "Why did you take your hood off, now I have seen your face and can recognize you!" It because he's not worried about it: in fact, he's going to roast her! Honour is shocked and starts rejecting him badly; still he keeps groping her and feeling her flesh. At some point he takes a pocket watch out ans begins swinging it before her face: her attention is sucked in fast, and she soon has changed her mind, claiming she can't wait to be a roast in complete entrancement. Pans of Honour on the tray follow. We see the burglar having a look into her bag and appreciating her valuables, before moving towards the roast and beginning to lick and bite her.