Young Bee's Regression Into a Dolcett Roast

A clip starring Bee

Bee in Young Bee's Regression Into a Dolcett Roast

In this clip: legs, trance/hypnosis, vore, surreal, willing, silly, young, mental domination, domination, tits, stripping, passive/submissive, sensual, magic, naive

Young Bee has an unusual phobia: she can't stand the sight of apples. One day she decides to investigate this irrational feeling, and meets a therapist. After some discussion, the two decide to try regressive mesmerizing: Bee is entranced and the therapist can now talk to her subconscious. A very distant memory comes out, apparently from a previous life: an experience where the girl was tied, an apple in her mouth, about to be roasted... That's where Bee's phobia comes from! The therapist continues to discuss with this previous life personality, and it turns out that she looked like Bee, and her legs were as succulent as Bee's... For the first time the therapist's eyes start to look at Bee in that way. He is hungry. He gives the entrancement a different direction: turning the phobia into desire. brainwashing Bee into becoming a willing roast as soon as she wakes up! And so it happens: Bee doesn't remember much but feels that she belongs to the kitchen. The two move into the kitchen where the therapist performs a grotesque change of outfit, and Bee strips naked and climbs onto the tray, where she gets prepared, her breasts oiled, and doesn't stop talking enthusiastically about being roasted until - finally - the apple gets into her mouth closing the circle.