Joanna The Sympathetic Dolcett Roast

A clip starring Joanna

Joanna in Joanna The Sympathetic Dolcett Roast

In this clip: feet, vore, willing, big tits, annoyed

My wife left me; I am devastated, as she was such a good cook and I am so bad in the kitchen. Joanna the roast is around, naked, and tries to comfort me. She offers herself as a roast, but I explain I am not able to cook... Then she helps me at preparing herself: she grabs the vegetables, the tray, and I help her to climb on that. There is not much to do in order to get some basic taste: just put the vegetables on the bottom of the tray, and then she makes the main course and an apple is stuck into her mouth as a decoration. She's very happy about it, as maybe that will make me feel better. Pans on the roast follow.