Roast Tindra Frost Is A Rebel Against Easter Traditions

A clip starring Tindra Frost

Tindra Frost in Roast Tindra Frost Is A Rebel Against Easter Traditions

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Tindra is going to be prepared for Easter, and according to the traditions it's all about the leg: the chef starts to oil her leg up, and in the meantime has a chat with her, saying that the rest of her is going to go pretty much wasted. Tindra is not very happy with that, and so is the chef, as the rest of her looks pretty yummy as well. At some point the chef leaves for a bit, leaving Tindra alone on the preparation tray. That's when Tindra begins her small rebellion against traditions: she wants the rest of her to be enjoyed as well! She begins oiling up her boobs until they are shiny, and also proceeds oiling up her bum and back. Then she grabs an aubergine, and prepares her pussy for insertion: it takes a little while to get it in, but soon she gets so excited that her pussy juices allow the veg to slide in. When the chef comes back he finds Tindra all oiled up ready for a full roasting session. She is all horny and shiny, and it's impossible for him to stick to the original plan. He will use someone else to provide legs for Easter, and she's going to be a proper full roast! Pans on the roasting tray follow.