Alicia and Roastee Faye Taylor

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Alicia

Faye Taylor, Alicia in Alicia and Roastee Faye Taylor

In this clip: ass, vore, surreal, willing, eating, playful/giggling, brunette, stripping

Video starts with Alicia walking in the room. Her girlfriend is out but left a bag of vegetables and ingredients, and a roast in a box nearby. She opens the box, it's Faye! Lovely dressed in shiny clothing, willing and talkative: A - come on then lets see if she brought a decent one for a change, Faye stands up, her hands are tied behind her back with the silver ribbon, she is wearing a shiny body stocking, a silver bow and bows around her ankles. she gets moved from the box. A- lets have a good look at you. nice breasts, pretty face, cute little arms and lovely legs, running her hands up Faye's body and head. A - not bad, unties her hands, where did she buy you from. F - the farmers market, A - sometimes she goes cheap and they are very skinny or a bit old, F- do I look ok? you girlfriend haggled the farmer down for me A - she loves a bargain, you look in good condition, nice perky breasts, lets see the rump, Faye bends over the table, A- nice bottom, giving it a good slap. A- I like your wrapping, and bows, very sexy, might get my girlfriend to wear it while we are tucking in to you. A- I suppose we should get you prepped but one last look at you in your wrapping won't hurt, (gets Faye to do a little dance, stroking her) I always get told of for playing with my food. A - now to get you ready, time to peel you, (takes off fades clothes) lets leave your bow on, will look good. F- how do you want me. A - on your front, I want your rump on display, Faye gets on the table, on her front. A - now lets tie your hands together, (using silver ribbon), and your legs. F- don't forget to switch the oven on. A- thank you, and they say you meat girls are dumb, A - now lets start basting, F- are you going to eat me all up A - yes, you'll be devoured, we both have love our food. F - what-s your favourite part. A- she's a leg person, oiling down her legs, but my favourite part is your lovely rump A oils faye all over, discussing all her best bits, Faye looks a little nervous. A- do you like apples meat girl? sorry do you mind me calling you that? F- No, that's what I am, though my name is Faye. A- well Faye how about apples? F- the other meat girls told me where you stuff those - (opening her mouth) A- life on the farm must have been fun, F- yes, such a nice upbringing, lots of food, massages, they looked after us well A- good, now what about carrots,( showing Faye the carrot) F - that end sure is pointy? A - yes it is F-Why is that? A- it goes in easier? f-That goes in me, down there A - yes all the way F- ow, please Miss, that's an awfully big carrot. A- well the other meat girls never complained. F-they didn't warn me about this, could you just put it under me and use pineapple slices to add flavour A- what a clever little dinner you are- now the herbs. F - I hope you enjoy me thanks Miss, I know I'll taste good without that huge carrot inserted in me A- don't worry, you'll be fine. time for that apple (places apple in mouth) time for the oven. and pineapple slices on her back. A - time my little sweet Faye for the oven, are you ready, Faye nods.