Schoolgirl Dolcett Roasties Chloe Toy and Atlanta Moreno

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Atlanta Moreno

Chloe Toy, Atlanta Moreno in Schoolgirl Dolcett Roasties Chloe Toy and Atlanta Moreno

In this clip: ass, legs, vore, willing, young, schoolgirl, nylon/stockings, playful/giggling, blonde, redhead, tits, passive/submissive, naive

Chloe and Atlanta are girls sitting on the roast trolley, both dressed in tiny schoolgirl outfits. Lots of make up, really over done.
They have just been brought, they know they are going to be roasts.
The girls discuss their legs, bums, breasts, how lovely they are, they are a little thick and don't understand that this will be the end for them.  Both girls think they are tastier and better looking than the other and compare their bodies.
They both complain about their outfits, saying why do they always have to be so tiny and tight.  Both agree that it's so their customers can see their amazing bodies. It's a downside of being a meat girl
They hear the chef coming in and go quiet. Scene fades.

2nd part, they are now both naked. they have both been oiled up.  They are getting excited as they know they are going into the oven, which they are both looking forward to.
With them now are a selection of veg, apples, carrots.  seasoning, they discuss what they think will improve their favour, they oil and season themselves, they enjoy this and talk about how good they will both taste pointing out the prime cuts.  The chef has told them that's a big party and they are the centre piece of the feast.  They both feel that as prime meat girls this is fitting.  

3rd part, They hear the chef coming back and go quiet scene fades., both girls are tidied, with apples in their mouths; they remove the apples as the chef has left them, they can now hear the oven and talk about being food for all the nice guests, they both moan about the carrot as it's too big again agreeing they are meat girls and as such ingredients, not there place to complain.  They hear the chef, smile at each other and put the apple back.

4th part, they are cooked and the camera pans around.