Chloe Toy's Dolcett Roasting Fantasy

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Chloe Toy's Dolcett Roasting Fantasy

In this clip: genitals, vore, masturbation, young, casual/ordinary, horny, blonde, moaning

Chloe Toy grabs a carrot from the kitchen; she eats its tip, but as soon as she puts it into her mouth she gets a different idea. She grabs an apple as well, moves to the couch, where she sits and begins fondling her body, growing excited.
Rubbing the carrot on her pussy, she begins fantasizing about being a Dolcett roast: we see her nude body, smoking hot, in a kitchen on a slowly spinning tray.
In reality she has stuffed her mouth with the apple, and she's now masturbating with the carrot. We keep seeing her food masturbation scene mixed with her vision of herself as a roast on the spinning tray.