Robot Ava Dalush Gives Handjob to a Random Cleaner Guy

A clip starring Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush in Robot Ava Dalush Gives Handjob to a Random Cleaner Guy

In this clip: ass, handjob, young, freeze/robot, brunette, tattoos/piercings, passive/submissive

A cleaner guy enters a lab room where s mysterious shape lies on a table, covered in a blanket. He starts his cleaning job when he accidentally activates what lies underneath. A cold emotionless voice claims to be awaiting for instructions. The guy takes the blanket off and discovers the naked body of a super hot girl, which appears to be a robot, despite she looks made of flesh and an absolutely realistic reproduction of a girl. The guy gets excited, starts groping that body which of course doesn't care as the robot is just awaiting for orders. Then he starts to experiment and orders the robot to take several poses, perform spreads for him, etc. All this would be absolutely degrading for a girl and it would be hard to get anything like that, but of course the robot has no feelings nor shame, so it performs with no problems. Finally he decides to try out the handjob program, and without any hesitation the robot starts its task: he takes the guy's dick out and start rubbing it in a totally emotionless way, as if it's a normal task like cleaning the floor. These robots are awesome!