Ronan’s Dirty Secret

A clip starring Ashleigh McKenzie

Ashleigh McKenzie in Ronan’s Dirty Secret

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, dirty talk, POV, humiliation, blonde, sensual, JOI, dominant/leading

All shot POV, wide angle, full figure always showing. Ashleigh’s mood is playful, with lots of sweet humiliation and girlie teasing. She enjoys embarrassing me by telling me how much she knows about my masturbation addiction. She reveals in secretive tones how she knows all about my huge stash of porn – all solo girls in stilettos, and masturbation instruction clips. She acts shocked as she pictures me naked at my computer, for hours every night, masturbating over porn, cumming several times until I’m drained of spunk. She enjoys teasing and spreading her pussy to make my addiction worse, making sure my chances of ever fucking real pussy get further away with every orgasm I have in my hand. She loves knowing I can’t stop wanking for her. She’s amazed anyone can masturbate so much. 0-2 minutes Ashleigh stands and walks around. One arm across breasts and other covering pussy as she reveals she knows my masturbation secrets. She enjoys denying me a view of her private parts. 2-5 minutes She sits on the stool, twirling it, crossing legs, still denying a view of her pussy for a minute, then opens her legs in 3rd minute, smiling at the excited reaction. She spreads her pussy wide with both hands at regular intervals for the rest of the clip, alternating with jerkoff motions. Lots of leg movements, lifting in the air, twirling on the stool etc. 5-7 minutes Standing again, spreading, giving JO gestures, bending, clenching bottom etc., as she sends me into a masturbation frenzy. 7-9 minutes She sits on stool again for more leg crossing, twirling, spreading, JO motions etc. 9-10 minutes She slides off the stool, down to squatting position, legs spread as wide as possible, pulling pussy lips apart and giving JO gestures. She greats really excited as she imagines me ejaculating for her. She finishes by giggling at how sad I am and hopes I keep on fucking my hand for her, blowing a kiss.