Rope Bondage Assault - Lavinia

A clip starring Lavinia

Lavinia in Rope Bondage Assault - Lavinia

In this clip: bondage, desperation, fighting, groping, secretary/business, lingerie/underwear, domination, nylon/stockings, brunette, tattoos/piercings

Lavinia is a bank manager. She prepares for work, dressed in smart business clothes and goes to her car, where a criminal is hiding waiting for her. She gets in, arranges her bag on the seat, and unexpectedly she's attacked by the creep who puts her to sleep and carries her limp body back into the house. There he begins tying up her body, taking his time groping her, since she's sleeping and can do nothing to stop him... Once she is all boung and gagged, he wakes her up and she begins struggling. The man asks her for the code to the bank vault. She refuses to give it to him. He tells her she will be OK and all she has to do is cooperate. She refuses. He then starts to feel her body through her clothes. She resists, but cannot do anything. He goes on groping her as a form of torture and humiliation, to make her confess. He keeps asking for the code and tells her she will be fine and let go as soon as she gives him the code. She still refuses. Finally she says, OK OK I'll give you the code. She tells him it written on a paper in her handbag.