Schoolgirl Liz Rainbow In Bad Trouble

A clip starring Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow in Schoolgirl Liz Rainbow In Bad Trouble

In this clip: bondage, desperation, masturbation, fucking, handjob, young, schoolgirl, POV, domination, humiliation, blonde, rejection, passive/submissive, choking

Liz enters detention sucking lollipop – begins studying legs high crossed. An intruder comes in with a gun. Threatens Liz and makes her suck the gun for a while. He orders Liz to strip down to her underwear and tie; he tapes her wrists together in front of her with duct tape. He orders her to kneel down and puts silver duct tape over her mouth. Takes out cock and makes her wank it slowly up by her mouth; lots of POV closeups, crying and mmmmphing. After a while of doing this he slowly starts to pull her own tie still making her wank the dick. When she is nearly out she gets dragged over to a desk where she is fucked from behind (simulated) until she is exhausted and fades out.