Step Daughter Chloe Toy Corrupted By Mesmerizing Sound

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Step Daughter Chloe Toy Corrupted By Mesmerizing Sound

In this clip: ears, trance/hypnosis, dirty talk, young, schoolgirl, tease, family affairs, POV, domination, blonde, submission/slavery, sensual, naive, age play, dazed

You answer the door of your flat and see that, sucking a lollipop shyly, you have told your innocent step daughter schoolgirl Chloe to has come to your house. A nervous Chloe is in trouble because she has been doing badly at school but really you want to turn her into your hypnotic sex slave. You show her a laptop and put headphones on her, telling her to start work and we watch her Chloe gently rubbing and high crossing her legs – the work is difficult and boring. The laptop starts to emit a slow hypnotic signal and ever so slowly begins to put chloe into a trance... She gets on her knees looking up at you. Her mind goes even more. You start to enjoy this and tell her to keep begging while you increase the hypnotic pulse. She resists slightly so you order her on her knees – still rubbing between her legs. Chloe is confused and you increase the tone. She stares ahead and slowly slips away.