Lauren Abuses and Humiliates Slave Bonnie

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Bonnie Bellotti

Lauren Louise, Bonnie Bellotti in Lauren Abuses and Humiliates Slave Bonnie

In this clip: hands, feet, lingerie/underwear, punishment, domination, humiliation, brunette, foot worship, forced/abusive, pulling, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, dominant/leading

Lauren is not satisfied of slave Bonnie's performance, so she has called her in her room for a talk. However, soon the Mistress loses control and starts physically abusing poor Bonnie, who can't react because she would lose her position otherwise. Lauren grabs her by the nose multiple times, and then, still holding her by the nose, she walks her around the room forcing her to repeat statements - First standing, then on all fours. Finally, Bonnie has to kneel down on the floor and Lauren takes off her shoes and forces her to kiss her hand and feet, rubbing them on her face, and also grabbing her nose between her toes and her fingers.