Self Bagging to Make Him Cum

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Self Bagging to Make Him Cum

In this clip: neck, willing, masturbation, blowjob, dirty talk, encasement/wrapping, horny, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, sensual, gagging, choking, moaning

A guy has paid you a lot of money to make him cum. The catch is the only way he can cum is that he you have to be willing go extreme as he cums. So you enter the room wearing small bra and panties, you look sexy but a little nervous.

He says you are a strong woman for being able to make him cum, being willing to go that far to do it. You tell him you are determined not to fail, you will make him cum. You strip, kiss him deeply, he lays on his back. You get him hard and mount him (simulated), lowering yourself down on his cock, facing him. You start fucking him and tell him he will cum for you.

You take a clear plastic bag, place over your head, and wrap it around your neck. Then you fuck him, encouraging him to cum. You say, "you better fucking cum for me dammit, I'm going to pass for you".

You keep fucking him, as the air gets less you breathe harder, your body dripping with sweat.

You tell him you are getting weaker that he better cum soon. You are struggling to breathe but determined to make him cum. He finally does and it ends in a hug.