Lauren and Caroline Pierce Shirt, Tie Pull and Belly Punching

A clip starring Caroline Pierce, Lauren Louise

Caroline Pierce, Lauren Louise in Lauren and Caroline Pierce Shirt, Tie Pull and Belly Punching

In this clip: hair, neck, anger, desperation, young, secretary/business, clothes, domination, humiliation, blonde, brunette, holding, stretching, poking/punching, forced/abusive, pulling, strength, interrogation

--- PLEASE NOTE that this clip is NOT intense, as the acting is very mild --- Lauren is a mobster who has been ordered to terminate¬ one of their own members, Caroline. It appears that Caroline has worked for the cops and leaked a lot of information to them. The clip starts with Lauren, who is getting ready in her apartment. She is already wearing her jeans and her bras. She puts the shirt on, buttoning it all the way up and tucks it in. Then she puts the necktie on. After that she leaves. Then we move to Carolines apartment. She is sitting on the couch when Lauren busts through the door, pointing the weapon¬ at Caroline. Throughout this whole scene where Lauren is dominating, Caroline is acting like she's helpless and scared. Caroline is caught off guard, so Lauren gets the upper hand. She grabs Caroline by the front of her shirt and pulls her up from the couch. She confronts Caroline about the accusations, which she obviously tries to deny. Still holding Caroline by the shirt, Lauren pushes her against the wall and puts the weapon in her mouth, ready to blow her brains out, when suddenly Caroline knees Lauren to the crotch. Lauren falls to the floor on her knees moaning in pain. Caroline smiles, grabs her by the front of her shirt and lifts her back up to her feet...oh, she is going to have so much one with this one. For the rest (most) of the clip Caroline is dominating Lauren.