Kate Blackmailed Wife Shoe Fuck

A clip starring Kate

Kate in Kate Blackmailed Wife Shoe Fuck

In this clip: genitals, feet, embarrassment, masturbation, cum, POV, humiliation, brunette, big tits, rejection, blackmail, tits, stripping, passive/submissive, dildos/objects, ENF, forced orgasm

Wife Kate receives a visit from a blackmailer guy while her husband is away. He shows her some documents which would really compromise her husband, and forces her to strip naked in an attempt to have such documents destroyed. After she reluctantly does so, she receives a call from her husband and she is forced to answer while the guy is still in the room. She has to pretend nobody is there and everything is alright, while actually the guy givers her a dildo and forces her to masturbate while talking to her husband without making it sound like anything is happening. Then he takes off a shoe of hers, and wanks into it cumming into it. Kate is still on the phone, and she is forced to put the shoe back on, with the cum still inside. At the very end she closes the call, and has to lead the man out, naked and just wearing the shoe with his cum still inside.