Schoolgirl Lauren Forced Smoking and Sleepy Corruption

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Schoolgirl Lauren Forced Smoking and Sleepy Corruption

In this clip: legs, bondage, peril, desperation, young, schoolgirl, family affairs, POV, domination, brunette, big tits, rejection, tits, passive/submissive, smoking, choking, flashing, mouth, naive

Lauren comes home from school - lots of bending and stretching - Her girlfriend phones and she sits down and talks dirty to her for a bit sending her some sexy selfies - while she's talking and getting a bit aroused you come in and watch her. after a bit, she hangs up and goes off to get her books. While she's out, creep sneaks into the room - upon returning he grabs Lauren from behind and handgags her heavily. Smothers her with glove while squeezing her around the waist in a tight bearhug - slowly dazes Lauren a lot. When she's almost out we watch her crawl on all fours for a bit - then you grab her by the tie and bring her back to the sofa. here you proceed to daze her slowly. Fade out. Lauren wakes and is now tied to chair (she's stripped down to her white panties, White knee high socks and black high heels, her legs are tied together high cross legged and her hands are tied behind her back - have her arch her back thrusting her breasts forward as much as possible and showing as much underthigh as possible. She's gagged with a white cleave gag between the teeth so we watch her woozily come round and moan and struggle uselessly as you explain to her that you want to watch her succumb by smoking cigarettes - lots of dazed pleading eyes and mmmphing as she realizes what he's saying. Lauren doesn't smoke - you ungag her and tell her it doesn't matter. You force her to inhale smoke from a cigarette. The cigarette is making her woozy, moaning and coughing. Have a long slow corruption where she resists for a long time but again and again is made to smoke the cigarette. After a long time resisting she is finally broken and exhausted, and we watch her erotically and drowsily smoking herself out.