Chloe Toy Scammed Smoking Disembodied Head

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Chloe Toy Scammed Smoking Disembodied Head

In this clip: hands, feet, young, casual/ordinary, Fixed camera, playful/giggling, blonde, medical/clinic, smoking, magic, naive

Naughty schoolgirl Chloe Toy has missed school, and pops into a lab instead: she wants to have a good smoke.
There is a guy there who in the past allowed her to have her head disembodied and mounted on an aspirator machine, allowing her to smoke without affecting her lungs (which remain on her body), so it only takes a mouth wash and her parents won't smell anything.
She is desperate for another naughty smoke but this time the guy is hesitant... However, in the end he agrees to let her use the machine again.

We see her disembodied head mounted on a pike and connected to an aspirator. A scientist assistant puts a cigarette between her lips and lights it up. Thanks to the aspirator machine, Chloe can smoke and enjoy, as the machine sucks the smoke through a pipe, coming from her stump. She is very happy and enjoying her cigarette.

She doesn't know that she is being scammed: in the meantime her 'friend' has disembodied her limbs, and is collecting bids, selling her disembodied hand and foot on the black market, as sex toys. He shows the parts to the webcam, trying to sell these for more money by teasing the bidders. Craving for a smoke has been a very bad idea!