Spanked Nun Amelia

A clip starring Amelia

Amelia in Spanked Nun Amelia

In this clip: ass, groping, punishment, pain/torture, humiliation, brunette, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, spanking, costumes/fantasy

Amelia has been a bad girl and she has decided to try and make amends and to be good. She a decided the best way was to become a nun. The head priest called her for her. he asked her what her crimes were and then told her that it would not be so easy and she needed to be punished. He told her to lift her gown and saw she was wearing stockings. Very bad he told her, now the punishment would be more. He told her to take down her panties and to bend over. He then took out paddles and proceeded to give her a good spanking with them. He spanked her intensely. At first, he thought she was taking the punishment, but at the end he realized that was enjoying it. He hit her harder, but she just enjoyed it more. Finally he stopped. She stood, trying to look sad.