Schoolgirl Amelia Spanked by Headmaster

A clip starring Amelia

Amelia in Schoolgirl Amelia Spanked by Headmaster

In this clip: ass, young, schoolgirl, punishment, pain/torture, Fixed camera, domination, brunette, passive/submissive, spanking

Schoolgirl Amelia has been misbehaving. It's the last time, and the headmaster calls her into his office. The punishment for this is neat: guillotine. Naughty students like her need to lose their heads in the office, as there is no place in the school for any of them. However, Amelia manages to turn the final punishment into a good spanking, and if she is bad again, next time she will definitely lose her head. A good spanking session begins. Amelia is ordered to lay down on his lap, pul her skirt up, and he begins slapping her bum, first with her panties on, then with her panties lowered. Both wide angles and closeups of bum and face included. She is ordered to say things, like thanking him for that at every slap, or counting. Next stage is a standing spanking, resting against the wall as he uses two canes on her red bum.