Ejaculating In Your Food

A clip starring Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow in Ejaculating In Your Food

In this clip: ass, vore, willing, blowjob, domination, playful/giggling, blonde, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, mouth, naive

Roast Liz Rainbow is returned to the kitchen for poor preparation and food presentation: actually, she hasn't been prepared and only a few wrinkly green leaves have been laid on the tray. Also, the roast is Spanish, so not farmed locally.

The chef is visibly annoyed, he's not taking the criticism and blames the clients for being fussy. Anyway, he's not going to change the roast: he's going to make Liz look a bit better instead.
He makes her pick between a carrot and an aubergine to be stuffed into her pussy: she picks the carrot and proceeds inserting it into her genitals. The grumpy chef then spreads some olive oil on her butt and he is about to stuff an apple into her mouth - Still not much preparation tbh - when he has an idea: he wants to punish the customers for being fussy.

Before stuffing the apple, he takes his dick out and orders the roast to begin sucking him off. Of course the roast obeys and in the end she has to swallow, so his semen will go down her throat, unnoticed. That will add flavoring.

Still not happy, he rubs his dick all over her body, and finally cleans it by using one of the green leaves like a towel. Finally, apple in her mouth and ready to go.

Some camera pans on the roast follow.