AltSiren Sprained Ankle Desperation #2

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in AltSiren Sprained Ankle Desperation #2

In this clip: legs, feet, desperation, secretary/business, pain/torture, massage, nylon/stockings, blonde

Great desperation acting! She hops into the room as if returning from casualty moaning in total agony "my arch my poor poor poor arch". Hops over to sofa and collapses onto it screaming in pain. Very very gentle massage of arch and instep whilst sobbing uncontrollably. Hop upstairs being so careful not to let injured foot touch the floor, lots of whimpering and moaning and screaming. Talk on mobile to friend in total distress about hospital trip - diagnosis that arch is totally destroyed and that you won't be able to put foot to floor for months and wearing a boot or shoe on it is totally out the question. Screaming down the phone about what you are going through and that you can't cope. Desperate for crutches to help you or for your friend Mick to come round a give your poor arch an 8 hour massage !! Decide to make a drink but accidentally let very very tips of toes to touch floor and collapse screaming "my arch my arch my arch my arch". In total hysterics ring for an ambulance.