Bethany Sprained Ankle Accident

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Bethany Sprained Ankle Accident

In this clip: legs, feet, desperation, secretary/business, pain/torture, massage, nylon/stockings, brunette, passive/submissive

Warning: Bethany's acting is very poor in this clip! Starts off coming down stairs in house dressed in short dress and black seamed stockings and strappy high heels. Stumbles on bottom step and falls to ground screaming my arch my arch. Gently removes left shoe and cradles injured foot.¬ Walks¬ house doing jobs - making coffee,dusting etc etc. Always with just one shoe on. Keeps trying to walk normally but can't cope with it. Rings for a cab to take her to hospital then talks to friend on mobile about poor arch. Constantly massage stockinged arch.¬ Put left shoe back on and attempt to rest on the injured foot again. After a couple of steps collapse to floor. Rip shoe off and hop out of front door with left shoe sticking out of top of handbag.