Alicia's Real Sprained Ankle on 6" Pumps

A clip starring Alicia

Alicia in Alicia's Real Sprained Ankle on 6

In this clip: legs, feet, desperation, secretary/business, pain/torture, massage, nylon/stockings, brunette, passive/submissive

Alicia sprained her ankle for real a few months ago. She has been bad at having it checked and doing exercises, so it still hurts and it still looks very swollen. This is real, and the video was commissioned also because of that. Alicia is sitting, wearing a short skirt, black stockings, describing the problems she has encountered with her right ankle, that she sprained in January. She would start wearing regular high sexy pumps, walking and flexing, pointing, rotating her ankle to “test” it, then she would be changing for 6 inch fetish pumps, she would be trying to walk with those teasing with her heels, but in great pain, often stopping to stand on her left foot and rotating her right ankle in order to relax it. Then she would be twisting that poor right ankle again…so she would sit down a bit and massage it on the injured part (all around the external bone), making sure the camera closes up on it.