AltSiren Sprained Ankle Desperation

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in AltSiren Sprained Ankle Desperation

In this clip: legs, feet, desperation, secretary/business, pain/torture, massage, nylon/stockings, blonde, passive/submissive

Great desperation acting! Model is limping around kitchen making cup of coffee (to and from fridge,sink,etc) Just tip of toe of left boot touches the floor and moaning constantly "my arch my poor poor arch". After 2 minutes hop (using table,chair,etc as support) over to sofa saying "I've got to get this boot off, my arch is totally me". Remove left boot and perform extensive massage of nylon arch and instep. Talk on mobile to friend about how sore your arch is and that you just don't know what to do. Stand and attempt to put very tips of toes of nylon foot to floor but scream out "my arch my arch my arch my arch". Hop back into kitchen to continue with jobs (washing up,etc) but keep reaching down to massage poorly arch. Set off to hop back to sofa to get mobile but collapse screaming as foot touches floor. Drag/crawl to sofa and ring for an ambulance crying in total distress on phone. Explain that ambulance will have to get as near as possible to your front door as your arch is destroyed. Stuff left boot into handbag and crawl to stairs or stand and drag foot along. Go down stairs on your bottom with injured foot out in front of you. Stand at door or window sobbing "my arch my arch my arch my arch" as you wait for ambulance.