Sprint Star Lauren

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Sprint Star Lauren

In this clip: bondage, anger, desperation, young, denial, brunette, big tits, rejection, annoyed, blindfolded, fitness/training

Lauren is one of the best sprinters in the world and she's going to participate at the Olympics. She is just waiting to be picked up by a driver who will drive her to the stadium and there are good chances she wins. The bell rings, she opens the door; she invites the man in, but, unexpectedly, he grabs her from behind and they struggle until she goes limp. She wakes up on the couch, tied up with ropes: the man is still there, and it seems he is not the driver! He is someone who has been paid to capture her and prevent her from attending the competition, so someone else will win. Lauren realizes time is running out, she is missing the competition... She is angry and devastated, but her legs are tied up and she can't go anywhere. She is gagged as well, but still we can hear her talking through the tape, begging and swearing as her biggest dream has just been crushed! At some point the man grabs her and walks her out... But they're not going to the stadium: he's going to bring her at this place, to spend a whole weekend together. And, in fact, we see her tied up, gagged and blindfolded on his bed, struggling angry and devastated that she couldn't attend the competition!