Strip Poker Battle - Alicia and Sophia Smith

A clip starring Sophia Smith, Alicia

Sophia Smith, Alicia in Strip Poker Battle - Alicia and Sophia Smith

In this clip: silly, clothes, nylon/stockings, striptease, stripping

Gang leader Sophia is bored, playing cards alone, when a girl knocks on the door and asks her to join the gang. Sophia explains that they will have to play a card game: basically she has to guess whether a card is higher or lower than another. If she guesses right, she is allowed to take one piece of clothing off Sophia. If she is wrong, Sophia will take one piece off her. Both girls are wearing 35 items of random clothing, so it's going to be a long game.. The first girl who remains totally naked loses the game: if Sophia loses, the girl will be allowed to join the gang.