The Succubus

A clip starring Brook Logan, Chloe Toy

Brook Logan, Chloe Toy in The Succubus

In this clip: legs, trance/hypnosis, surreal, evil, kissing, groping, young, schoolgirl, denial, messy, domination, nylon/stockings, encasement/wrapping, horny, blonde, smothering, rejection, tits, forced/abusive, lesbian, strength, scissorshold, annoyed, magic, choking, mouth

Two innocent schoolgirls sitting close together on couch are doing homework. Chloe is reading out loud about a succubus - apparently it's a female monster that feeds on the life energy of other girls. They drain their lifeforce through their mouths and breasts. They can only be summoned by girls who have to have to perform a seduction ritual – to do this you have to repeatedly moan the phrase “Please Dark Mistress. Take me” slowly while covering your mouth and nose tightly with your hand. Kissing your palm and rubbing your other hand over your body sexily. The girls start trying to encourage each other playfully to do it and finally agree to both give it a go. Both girls lean forward and moanily do the ceremony, after a while Brook actually starts to get possessed. Chloe doesn’t notice that her friend is slowly becoming possessed while she's doing it (her eyes rolling back in her head). Finally Chloe stops and laughs at how silly she was but the Brook just stares ahead glassy-eyed. Suddenly Brook starts trying to caress and seduce Chloe. Chloe doesn’t want this – it was only a bit of fun. But Brook starts getting more and more insistent and aggressive. Wrapping her legs around Chloe and pulling her ever nearer for a kiss. Chloe resists as best as she can but Brook has her pinned. Suddenly Brook manages to clamp her lips over her. They get glued fast and the succubus (Brook) starts to drain her friend through locking lips and squeezing breasts. Chloe is horrified and keeps trying to break free but it’s no use. Her mouth can’t break free and Chloe finds herself kissing back despite herself. She keeps coming to her senses and trying to break free but it’s to avail. The succubus keeps on kissing her. Chloe protests but is helpless to resist her advances. She still says “no” the whole time but the Brook forces herself upon her. Chloe starts to succumb and begins to like it but knows she shouldn't be doing it. Both girls should both appear groggy. Eyes sleepily rolling or closed most of the time. Lots of soft moans throughout from both. The more she kisses and fondles Chloe the stronger Brook gets. After a while Chloe realises she's not only being attacked but she’s also being made weaker (drowsy) and tries again to pull free. Brook keeps kissing her. When weak, Chloe is positioned between Brook’s legs which are then wrapped around her holding her in place. Chloe then is ever so slowly strangled by Brook who has one hand around her throat while continually rubbing and squeezing Chloe’s breasts with the other. Drowsy Chloe, who is too weak to resist, slowly starts rubbing between her legs trying to cum and homming herself over her mouth and nose (she's pressing her lips against the palm of her hand kissing it)