Briony Tape Bondage and Foot Groping

A clip starring Briony

Briony in Briony Tape Bondage and Foot Groping

In this clip: feet, bondage, desperation, secretary/business, lingerie/underwear, POV, Fixed camera, brunette, hogtie

Business woman Briony is doing her work in a hotel room when someone assaults her (implied) and ties her up and gags her using tape. In the first 5 minutes we see her struggling on the bed, face down. Lots of feet, legs and ass views. In the next 5 minutes the creep comes in and starts worshipping her feet: this causes her to get angrier and shake a lot, as she is really ticklish buth there's nothing she can do to stop him. Finally, in the last part, we see her struggling alone on the bed after being hogtied. Again, plenty of closeups of her amazing soles.