Portia Tape Bondage and Foot Worship

A clip starring Portia

Portia in Portia Tape Bondage and Foot Worship

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, desperation, secretary/business, lingerie/underwear, POV, Fixed camera, brunette, foot worship, passive/submissive, blindfolded

Business woman Portia is discussing about merciless business on the phone when someone assaults her (implied), ties her up to a chair, blindfolds and gags her using tape. First we see her struggling tied to the chair, with some focus on her delicious soles. Then we see the same thing but the chair has fallen on the ground and Portia is still struggling; finally, we see the evil guy coming in and abusing her feet, while she complains and sighs, powerless, unable to stop him. Plenty of closeups of her amazing soles.