Chloe Toy Tapegagged POV Bondage Roleplay

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Chloe Toy Tapegagged POV Bondage Roleplay

In this clip: genitals, legs, bondage, willing, masturbation, young, lingerie/underwear, POV, playful/giggling, blonde, tits, gagging, spreads, naive, moaning

Chloe is recording a webcam show and wants to play some tie up games with the viewer. Eventually the viewer comes over for some POV style tie up games.

Camera is level with Chloe who is sitting playfully on the bed with her legs tucked under her. She is smiling and teasing the cameraman in a POV style video. She is playing with a roll of duct tape and saying she wants to be tied up. She explains that she has never been tied up and she thinks it will be fun. She explains how she wants to be tightly taped and gagged as she mimes and pretends to be tied.

First, she says she wants to play a game where she puts duct tape over her mouth and "you" have to guess what she is trying to say. She tears off two long strips of duct tape and stretches them tightly across her mouth from ear to ear. She tries saying several things and giggles and covers her taped mouth reflexively. She repeatedly smooths and presses the tape down to keep it tight while she tries talking. Then she puts her hands behind her back and tries to say several other sentences. Finally, she slowly peels the tape off her mouth.

Chloe thinks for a few seconds about what to do next. Then she gets excited with a new idea. She wants to pretend that "you" come home to find her all taped up by a burglar who stripped her and taped her up to keep her out of the way. She smiles and giggles as she explains and mimes how her wrists are taped behind her, her ankles are taped and she even has a pair of panties taped in her mouth. She pretends to struggle as if she were taped up. Then she says she would have been waiting helpless all alone for such a long time and she better show "you." She stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth and tightly tapes her mouth shut with three long pieces of tape. Next she tapes her ankles together as she continues trying to talk and explain. Finally, she tears off a long strip of tape and tapes her wrists behind her back as best she can (after she attempts this onscreen, please apply tape to her wrists off screen as needed to make them more secure). Chloe acts very helpless and scared as she struggles for a couple of minutes. She tries screaming, calling for help and whimpering.

Chloe frees her own wrists and slowly peels the tape off her mouth and removes the panties from her mouth and the tape from her ankles. She giggles and says how much fun she is having. She begs for you to come over and she claps her hands excitedly when you agree. The scene cuts. The scene restarts POV style with Chloe sitting on the bed playfully as she thinks about what to do next and then excitedly explains how she will pretend to be a detective and you will pretend to be a criminal she is tracking down. You capture her and strip her to steal her uniform and then you have to tie her and gag her to make sure they can get away. The camera follows Chloe as she excitedly gets a pair of handcuffs and explains how you use her own handcuffs on her and you will use her own panties to gag her. The role play begins and Chloe sits down in a chair defiantly and places her hands behind her back. Chloe's impromptu roleplaying dialogue progresses the action and explains why she is stripped to her bra and panties. Still in POV style, a pair of hands handcuffs Chloe's wrists behind her back. Then the hands pull of her panties and with an extreme close up on her face, stuff them in her mouth cutting off protests. A hand clamps tightly over her mouth with the panties inside while Chloe writhes and grunts aggressively. Next three long strips of duct tape are stretched tightly over Chloe's closed mouth with the panties inside. The scene briefly cuts. When the scene restarts, Chloe is handcuffed and gagged as before, but now each of her legs are taped to one leg of the chair. She gets angry and starts struggling furiously while making threats and demands to be let go. After a couple of minutes of intense struggling, Chloe stops the roleplay and laughs, eyes smiling behind the gag. She tries talking through her gag asking to be let out. Her legs are cut free and her wrists are recuffed in front of her while she remains gagged.

Chloe's mood gets playful and teasing as she leads "you" to the bed and props herself up against the headboard and begins pleasuring herself while still gagged and handcuffed. She begins moaning behind her gag and "your" hand clamps over her taped mouth in a close up of her face as she continues rubbing her clit. "You" remove her handcuffs and let her resume. Now, she covers her taped mouth tightly with her hand and continues heating up. After a couple minutes, Chloe says through her gag that she wants to be tied up. She She will act out whatever fantasy he wants. She teases seductively that you probably want to keep her extra quiet so that she doesn't make too much noise. She mimes and gag talks explaining that she wants to be gagged and tied extra tightly. Then, she turns her back to the camera and puts her wrists together behind her back while looking over her shoulder expectantly. The scene fades.

The scene restarts with Chloe still in her lingerie taped up (as seen in example photos: wrists behind back, ankles, legs above and below knees, arms pinned to her torso above and below her breasts) and her mouth duct taped shut with panties inside. Specifically, she has a pair of panties stuffed in her mouth and duct tape wrapped tightly over her mouth and all the way around her head five times (she can wear her hair up like attached photo #2 to avoid tape getting in her hair). Two additional long pieces of tape are applied on top of her already taped mouth (one from ear to ear just below her nose and one a little lower across the bottom half of her face along the jawline...not underneath her chin). She is lying on the bed moaning and looking directly into the camera. The cameraman gets lots of POV style close ups while Chloe interacts with the camera teasingly and seductively. He plays with her boobs and handgags her over her already taped mouth for an extended close up. Chloe kneels on the bed and starts looking up into the camera (imagine a blow job POV) longingly and making submissive comments through her gag. Get close ups of her kneeling on the looking up into the camera while submitting to the cameraman. She looks into camera longingly and offering herself to do whatever he wants.

"You" tell her you want her to be defiant and struggle. She complies for several minutes as she struggles and strains aggressively while shaking her head furiously and making lots of angry protests.

Lastly, "you" tell her to be scared. She complies for several minutes as she struggles and strains while whimpering and pleading. Scene ends with her looking directly into camera and pleading to be let go.