Tickling Bondage Torture - Brianna

A clip starring

 in Tickling Bondage Torture - Brianna

In this clip: feet, peril, desperation, evil, young, punishment, pain/torture, domination, brunette, tits, tickling, passive/submissive

Brianna enters a dark building where she gets assaulted by an evil guy who puts her to sleep; he lays her on a massage bed and there he begins to put her body in bondage (the scene is speeded up). Once she wakes up, she finds herself all tied up and unable to move; the evil guy appears and begins tickling her, mostly on her feet, using electricity, which gives his fingers a special tickling touch. He goes on tickling her with his hands, with paper cloth, with a magic wand, and so on. Brianna can't do anything but struggling desperately and powerlessly, until she's completely exhausted.