Please tie me up!

A clip starring Mimi Fawn

Mimi Fawn in Please tie me up!

In this clip: ass, feet, bondage, dirty talk, footjob, cum, young, tease, family affairs, POV, nylon/stockings, brunette, tits, sexy/provocative, striptease, ebony, sensual, naive, moaning

Mimi likes her stepdad. Ever since moving in, she fancied him and she knew, he had noticed her. Her mom was away on a business trip and she figured she would take her chance and try to seduce him.
Checking through his computer, she found out that he was into bondage, which she figured would be the the perfect way to entice him. She dressed sexily and called him.

When he came to the door he stopped at the door at the sight of her. She smiled, telling him that she wanted to play with him. She teased him with her cute body, showing him her legs and heels, lifting her dress to reveal her panties. She told him that she wanted him to tie her up putting her arms out towards him, wrists crossed and then behind her back, acting like she's been tied. She pretended to be tied up with imaginary binds around her wrists, pretending to struggle against the binds, all the time talking to him about how much she wanted to be tied. She told him that she wanted to submit to him. She pulled off her dress and displayed her tits to him. She told him that she needed to be spanked for being such a bad daughter in law. Again, she pretended to be tied up with imaginary binds around her wrists and ankles, pretending to struggle against the binds, jutting her tits out at him. Finally she said, daddy, please tie me up!" Her stepdad obliged.

Mimi lay on the bed tied and gagged. He had taken off her stockings and replaced her heels. her legs bare. He tied her ankles and her hands behind her back. She struggled against the binds, moaning with her mouth gagged, rolling on the bed. As she struggled she saw her stepdad getting turned on at the sight of her struggling in binds. After a while she saw her step dad approach and she stopped struggling. She was on her back, her hands underneath her. He went to her feet and removed her shoes, holding her naked feet. She watched as he wrapped her feet, still tied at the ankles, around his dick. She helped him as he used them to give himself a foot job. He rubbed up and down until he finally came all over her feet. What a naughty step dad!