Tipsy Lauren Louise NBM Mistake

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Tipsy Lauren Louise NBM Mistake

In this clip: ass, surreal, willing, silly, freeze/robot, playful/giggling, brunette, big tits, tits, sexy/provocative, magic, naive

Lauren decided to turn herself into a NBM sex robot. She decided to party all night as a goodbye to her human form, and she actually turns into the guillotine room tipsy and giggly, acting naughty and talking a bit dirty. The man is a bit confused and he is not sure whether he should proceed taking her head, but she hands him all the signed declarations and certificates so he pretty much has no choice. She decides to take her head quickly, so he bends her over doggiestyle on the standing guillotine device and her head falls into the basket. From that moment, her body is turned into a robot and begins moving and responding to touch, but it has no idea where it is and what's happening. From the basket, Lauren's head still talks, giggling, sounding tipsy. She wants to see the body, so the attendant walks it towards the basket and she manages to see it. She doesn't notice that the attendant has been exposing her ass and breasts and is groping her, while the body responds but doesn't seem to notice nor protest. The guy walks out with the headless body while squeezing its breasts. Later on, we see the man holding Lauren's head in his hands. They're having a chat, and now that she is no longer tipsy she is regretting a bit about what she has done. The guy tries to console her but in fact the process can't be reverted: she will remain a talking head, while her body has been having fun as a sex robot doll!