Sophia Smith and the Bondage Cousin #4

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith and the Bondage Cousin #4

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, willing, embarrassment, family affairs, POV, playful/giggling, brunette, tits, hogtie, passive/submissive, naive

Sophia has been put on display on the couch table in front of the TV. She is still naked and has been hogtied (basic hand to feet, knees tied) He briefly tickles her as a punishment. After he is done playing, she is left lying on the table – despite her protests. [Late at night, her roommate returns. Now the scene continues from scene 1] After her report, she laughs that she already spent several weekends tied up, when they met before and that she was prepared to spent the night in this predicament, but is relieved to be untied now. As she is untied, the scene fades. The next morning, her roommate is surprised, Sophia didn’t appear for breakfast. Her cousin has already said good bye. He knocks on her bedroom door and we can hear Sophia mmmphing behind the door. When he opens it, he finds her in her bed, naked and spread eagled on her back. She is gagged with a huge packing, held in by a rope cleave gag (like the four rooms gag in the other story) He is like “wow, that’s one parting gift!” Sophia nods and smiles While he ungags her (on screen), the video fades. The end.