Up-skirting my mom

A clip starring Pandora

Pandora in Up-skirting my mom

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, masturbation, dirty talk, mature/older, tease, family affairs, POV, nylon/stockings, horny, brunette, tits, sexy/provocative, stripping, sensual, JOI, spreads, flashing, dominant/leading

My mom Pandora was sitting relaxing on her bed. Reading a magazine. Her skirt was riding up, revealing her stockings tops. She had on her favorite heels. They were my favorites as well. Her blouse was a little open, letting her lovely tits flash, captured in her bra. My mom Pandora knew that I, her perverted son was checking her out. I have been doing it since I could get an erection. She often would tease me like this. When she knew I was watching, she would just pose for me. I took photos of her with my mobile phone as often as I could. At first crappy photos with the first cell phones. Now, much better photos with the latest smart phones. I never shared them with anyone. Just used them myself. As Pandora sat on the bed, she sensed a presence. It was her pervy son again. he must have sneaked in again. She posed for him as usual, letting him take his secret photos of her, posing so he could get shots of her legs, heels and up her skirt. She had been doing it for years. But today, she was decided to have some extra fun with him. After a while of posing for him, she called him out. He reluctantly came forward. She demanded that he handover the phone. He did. She flicked through some of the pictures and smiled at him. We can do much better that this she smiled and gave him back the phone. She told him, let’s begin, you will get the best pictures to wank over! First she removed her blouse and skirt. She teased a little, before taking off her bra and treating him to her lovely breasts, squeezing her nipples for him. She then pulled off her panties and gave him some close up views of her pussy and ass, spreading open wide for him. She pushed her fingers into her pussy and played with herself for him. She told him to take his cock out and wank while he took his photos, talking dirty to him. She produced some dildos and started to play with her pussy, pushing them into her pussy. She told him that she was going to masturbate to a climax and she wanted him to do the same. Her intensity level increased as she played with the dildos until finally she climaxed. She relaxed back as she encouraged her son to do the same, until she felt a stream of cum over her tits and belly. She smiled and told her son that he was such a good boy!